Pistachio Date Bites

Pistachio Date Bites are truly natures candy. It makes the perfect addition not only to your #iftar table but to pretty much any time of the day.

I’ll share a secret with you guys, I don’t enjoy eating dates plain... I know I know its shocking but I just do not enjoy plain dates but give me a plate of these and I’ll finish them in jiffy! They are that good!!! They also make a great item for #suhoor or post work out or just about anytime you need a pick me up or are craving something sweet.

This is probably one of the healthiest desserts that I have ever eaten. It’s #vegan #glutenfree #glutenfreedairyfree #dairyfreedessert and packed with nutrients and flavor and did I mention they are super easy to make!

Please do let me know your thoughts if you do make these. I really love hearing from you. It totally brightens up my day. Send me your remakes @sliceofgourmet on Instagram.

1 cup pitted dates 1 1/2cups raw pistachios 1 orange 1 tsp orange blossom water 1/2 tsp cardamom powder coconut flakes

Method: In a food processor blend the dates till smooth Add the pistachios and blend Now add the orange zest Orange blossom water And cardamom powder Form small rounds and roll in coconut flakes You can also blend the flakes for a more even look if you desire