Papa Roti My Copycat Version


1 tablespoon sugar

3/4 cup milk

1 packet yeast

2 cups flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons sugar

1 egg

1-2 tablespoons milk

4 tablespoons butter


1/4 cup butter

1 egg

1 tsp coffee

3/4 cup icing sugar

1 tbsp dry milk powder

1/3 cup flour

Whisk all ingredients till they are smooth.


Take 1 tablespoon sugar, warm milk and yeast and mix together and let it rise for 10 minutes or so. Now add 3/4 cup milk , 1 pkt yeast, 2 cups flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 3 tablespoons sugar, 1 egg, 1-2 tablespoons milk, 4 tablespoons butter. Let it rise for an hour or so. Then Punch down the risen dough. Make 6 equal parts wrap a pat of butter in a little dough and put 1 mini dough ball into the bigger dough ball. Let them rise for another hour. Ice with the coffee frosting in swirls. Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes or till done. Don’t forget to take a picture and tag me