I recently went to our favorite breakfast place to eat and they had Mexishuka on the menu. It was absolutely amazing and it got me thinking about how nice it would be to have a "Desishuka" The wheels in my head started turning and my inner foodie developed the Desishuka. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Ingredients: 1 can of crushed or chopped tomatoes Salt to taste 1 tablespoon mustard seeds 2 tablespoons avocado oil 2 teaspoons red chili powder 4 curry leaves Juice of 1 small lemon 1 pinch of garam masala 4-5 cloves of crushed garlic Method:

In a saucepan heat the oil. When hot add the curry leaves and mustard seeds. When they cackle add the garlic and let it cook down for a few minutes. Then add the other spices and the can of tomatoes. Lower your flame and add the lemon juice and let it simmer for about 20 minutes. Add your tomato mixture to a skillet and make space for the eggs. Crack your eggs into the spaces you created. Bake it in the oven at 375 till the eggs cook. Garnish with cilantro and serve with papar or papadums and naan. Take a picture and do rate the recipe share your picture with me.